• 5Watts

    Five Watts designs and manufactures durable LED work lights. Our lights are designed to handle extreme environmental conditions and applications.

    We build products based on years of firsthand experience of contracting in the demanding Finnish climate. LED work lights on the market are typically lacking in both durability and functionality and fail to extend the limits of older lighting technologies. This creates a window of opportunity for good craftmanship.

    We accepted this as a challenge. Five Watts Oy was established in 2011 with the goal of building pioneering LED work lights we would like to use ourselves. Our founding partners work within a variety of fields and we pride ourselves with innovative and well optimized engineering.

    Our first product, the rugged LED work light Zaurac 4-30, was released in the second quarter of 2013 after extensive development, rigorous prototyping and testing.

    Five Watts Oy possesses a wide knowledge of lighting system design and manufacturing. Our specialty is producing LED solutions that really live up to the full potential of the new technology. With the current state of the technology, LED should be the obvious choice for current and future lighting needs, but most of the available bulk products simply cannot handle demanding use.

    We are an ideal partner for you, who design or produce machines where the refining of the user interface depends on the lighting quality. Our company has, through our group of owners, many years of experience from earthmoving contracting in the demanding Finnish environment, which is carefully considered when we design and produce our high quality lights. We understand the needs of your clients, and for optimal user experience, we can design and produce custom solutions if the standard ones don't work for you.

    We will accept challenging lighting and other electronics design projects. Contact us, we will help you make products you can be proud of.