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  • Centralized Grease System Guide

    Centralized Grease systems

    Centralized grease systems lubricate the particular heavy-duty vehicles moving joints, pins and bearings. The device has a separate lubrication pump unit that is operated by a timer or manually.

    There are many CGS systems on the market and it is crucial to choose the right grease for the right system for the right time of the year. This to ensure flawless lubrication minimizing unwanted break downs in the pump mechanism and grease flow. Chosing the right grease for the right system is easy with our grease chart.

    Centralized Grease System Summer
    Lincoln/Vogel NLGI 2  NLGI 1  (Easier on the pump)
    SKF (Safematic 1 circuit samt minilube) NLGI 00-1  NLGI 000-00
    SKF Twin Heavy (Safematic 2 circuit) NLGI 1-2  NLGI 00-0