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  • OCS Hammer Paste for Hydraulic hammers

    Royal Hydraulic Hammer Paste

    Royal Hammer Paste also known as Chisel Paste is a high performance grease, specifically designed for Hydraulic Hammers and other tools requiring anti-seize compound. Hydraulic Hammers and other such tools experience extreme shock and axial loads that can lead to rapid wear and tear of contact surfaces and guide bushings. Royal Hammer Paste is formulated in such a way that forms as trong protective film on metal-to-metal contact areasand clingto parts under heavy shock loads, high temperatures and wet conditions. Such extreme EHD and boundary lubrication conditions may cause grease to breakdown, however this grease keeps its integrity and continues protecting the surfaces.

    Royal Hammer Paste is a unique product based on calcium sulfonate base thickener incorporated with copper and other high performance additives. Inherent extreme pressure and anti-rust characteristics within calcium sulfonate thickener combined with anti-wear and anti-oxidation additives, makes this grease extremely resilient and long lasting. This unique copper-graphite combination prevents cold galling, seizing and premature wear on plug tools and wear liners.